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The New Era book is a perfect companion to the online library videos and will help you get the most out of each video drill and exercise.civer Play Like A Soccer Legend - Gives you a thirty day program designed by Coerver® Coaching in conjunction with some of the legends of the game. Get five days' worth of tips from each of Roberto Rivelino, Sir Stanley Matthews, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, Geoff Hurst, Michelle Akers-Stahl and Gordon Banks.

To download your ebooks please right-click and save the links below .

The New Era

Play Like a Soccer Legend.

The Flash Library will improve your learning experience with us by making it easier to access the videos you want to watch. Now that your inside you can watch any or all of the current library of 50 videos we have established for you. Your access to the flash library is governed by your pass which has been granted for a specific period of time according to your individual situation. It could be one day to one year. Whatever it is we want you get the most out of your experience

.The video tips below are arranged in sections that correspond to the Coerver® Coaching PYRAMID OF PLAYER DEVELOPMENT© (see diagram at right). It all begins with a great foundation, so we strongly recommend you have reviewed the Ball Mastery and Receiving and Passing programs in complete detail.

Also we recommend viewing our Coerver® Philosphy of Moves and our Coerver® Coaching Promo. These videos will help you understand our approach to the game and will increase your benefit from reviewing our video drills and exercises

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